• Pro-Com Products Salusen Sanitizing Wipe, Wipe – 70 / Carton

    Salusen Sanitizing Wipes offer a convenient, effective way to clean surfaces all without the use of harsh, damaging bleach. Ethyl alcohol wipes are a time-tested way to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, objects and even human skin when you’re on-the-go. Made with 75 percent alcohol, these fragrance-free wipes kill 99.9 percent of germs, viruses and bacteria in just 10 seconds – from staph and E. coli to the flu virus, MRSA and more. Noncorrosive, broad-spectrum disinfectant is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal. Wipes are made of hypoallergenic, spunlace, nonwoven microfiber and enriched with glycerol to enhance skin moisture when used as sanitizing hand wipes. Use to sanitize smartphones, door handles, toys, hands, kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces. Handy size with 40 wipes in each pack makes them easy to carry from room to room or store in your office, car or other areas.

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